Oil Extraction

The Revivor is a self contained unit that safely removed oil from today’s bowling balls. Balls should have the oil extracted every 40-50 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain. We can process 2 balls at the same time.

  • Restores ball performance
  • Heat draws the oil from all bowling balls
  • Forced air circulates the heat evenly
  • Electronic controller assures constant temperature
  • Balls continually rotate during the process
  • Sorbent pads collect the oil as the ball turns
  • 8+ years of field testing has never harmed a ball
  • Only takes up to two hours depending on amount of oil in the ball

$25.00 per Ball *

For optimal performance of your Bowling Balls follow up with a Resurfacing and Polish.
We can offer this addition with the Resurfacing Factory to bring your ball back to box condition or your own condition at the same time

You can post your ball to us or drop your ball into Animals ProShop, we will then take care of the rest!

Your ball can be oil extracted, be resurfaced, polished and then we will post it back to you

*Oil Extracted & Resurfaced & Polished – $70.00 per ball