Storm Resurfacing Factory

Has your ball lost reaction? Is it starting to look tired? Well we have the answer!
The industry standard in bowling ball refinishing and rejuvenation, the Storm Surface Factory.

  • It will resurface scratches and light scruff marks
  • The machine oscillates the ball to keep it perfectly round
  • Keeps even pressure across the surface of the ball
  • It even polishes from a light polish to a high gloss finish
  • Will restore your ball to original factory finish
  • Will help restore lost ball reaction

$30.00 per Ball Resurface
$22.00 per Ball Polish

Have you considered having the oil removed first?

Balls should have the oil extracted every 40-50 games, depending on the lane conditions and the level of performance each bowler wishes to maintain. We also offer Oil Extraction at the same time

You can or post your ball to us or drop your ball into Animals ProShop, we will then take care of the rest!

Your ball can be oil extracted, be resurfaced, polished and then we will post it back to you

*Resurfaced & Polished – $50.00 per ball