Hope everyone is staying safe in this trying time.

Like everyone else we are doing our best to support the rules and regulations imposed on all of us.

Although the Bowl is closed for Bowling and Mini Gilf and LaserTag it is open 10am-2pm & 4pm-8.30pm for Take-A-Way food, SO during this time Lawrie (Animal) is in the Proshop 10am-2pm & 4pm- 6.30pm for anyone who wants to have some work done on their gear in readiness for the eventual reopening of the bowl. We do recomend calling us on 0403352501 to make an appoiment so that we can ensure that social distancing is met.

Just a reminder on balance holes and the rule commencing 1st August 2020 to avoid missing the deadline and plan to get your bowling balls sorted during this quiet time

USBC adjusts timeline for new bowling ball specifications. … Bowlers still can have a bowling ball with a balance hole until Aug. 1, 2020, but any balls with a balance hole must stay within the current static weight specification of one ounce for finger, thumb or side weight, and three ounces for top or bottom weight.