Well the Hammer Aroound Australia Demo Trip for the Southern States – NSW, Victoria, South Australia & Western Australia finished on Sunday 18th Seprember 2016. This was an epic trip with over 14600ks travelled in 5 weeks, and over 200+ Hammer bowling balls sold through 12 demos, along with accessories. Our proudest moment was creating a record of 72 Hammer Balls sold in one Demo in Australia.. It goes to show that with the right amount of advertising and effort from the bowl manager and staff a fantastic demo night will occur ! Massive thank you to Daniel Webb and staff at Campbelltown Tenpin Bowl  for setting the bar for future Demos in Australia.  Daniel has already book in for next year with the goal of beating that record !

This weekend -1st & 2nd October 2016 sees us heading north  to Burdekin Bowl and Townsville Bowl for their Demo days so come on in and say HI.

We have also announced the release of two new Hammer balls this week SCANDAL PEARL &  PURPLE URETHANE

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