Firstly congratulations to everyone who made the Men and Women’s team for Queensland. Both very good line ups to be the successful in October. Commiserations to all who had high hopes and were unsuccessful.

One of our Animals Proshop Team Members – Brendan Meads made the 2016 Rachuig team to represent Qld later this year , I hear that the conditions were tough for all but Brendan found his way back after the first 7 games…. here is what Brendan had to say

“Hmmmm… what a roller coaster weekend at state rolloffs. We bowled 18 games on 3 patterns which were challenging to say the least. All I will say is I look forward to representing this great state along side Brian Morty Darryl David Jarrod. This team could be devastating.
Now to practice! Haven’t felt so bad about my game and scores show that. Thanks goes out to Lawrie Hill for taking time out to drill the new HAMMER VIRAL HYBRID on friday arvo as this ball got me out of trouble after the 1st 7 games, this is a must have if your looking for a low end ball.”.. Thank you Brendan

Other Staff members were not so lucky to make the team were Greg Wilson & Brad Hales – Greg was alway just outside the cut and Brad a bit lower down. Both kept there cool and determination to preserve tthrough the 3 patterns – well done guys glad you are on our team.

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