Animals ProShop‘s fitting & ball drilling techniques have been skilled by many trips to the USA learning from the Ball Manufactures themselves.

Animals ProShop take a great deal of care & consideration to make sure measurements are correct

Use of Blue print and Bowler ID are used to ensure your ball will have the best possible reaction on the lanes


Blueprint lets us try different drill patterns on our computer without ever putting a physical hole into your ball, Blueprint also allows us to experiment with different core orientations, balance holes, gripping hole depths in order to achieve the desired as drilled mass properties and on lane ball track flare.

Additional highlights from the virtual ball drilling process include:

  • Calculation of the ball’s as-drilled mass properties, including RGs, overall differential, intermediate differential (mass bias), static weights, and principal (minimum, maximum, and intermediate)
  • RG axis position relative to the positive axis point (PAP).
  • Interactive 3D display of the drilled and undrilled bowling ball, with coverstock transparency for easier visualization of how the core is affected by the drilling; rotate, zoom, and pan the model to better see areas of interest.
  • Optional overlay of the ball’s as-drilled principal mass moment of inertia (RG) axes and the bowler’s PAP…see how the RG axes move when the ball is drilled and how they are oriented relative to the PAP.
  • Optional overlay of an RG contour plot on the ball’s surface…a Blueprint-exclusive feature that lets you better position the core relative to the PAP for optimal on-lane track flare.

Blueprint allows us to simulate the on-lane performance of your virtually-drilled bowling ball, taking into account the ball’s as-drilled mass properties and coverstock characteristics, the oil pattern and lane surface, and the bowler’s unique delivery parameters.

Highlights of the on-lane ball motion simulation include:

  • Calculation of various pocket entry ball motion parameters, such as entry angle, ball speed, axis rotation, and axis tilt.
  • Optional overlay of the oil pattern on the ball path plot.
  • Plotting of multiple shots at once, allowing for easy comparisons.
  • Plotting of various parameters as the ball travels down the lane, including coverstock friction, ball speed, rev rate, and rotation angles.

Bowler ID

What is Bowler ID?

Bowler ID, a revolutionary device that provides true data to each individual bowler on their specific stats.

A sensor, small enough to fit under a finger insert, is placed inside the ball and measures the bowler’s rev rate, ball speed, axis tilt and rotation and computes the positive axis point. .

How Will It Assist You?

Determining a bowler’s stats has been an inaccurate science at best; pro shops have had to rely on videography and perception before calculation. Essentially, it’s been a guess….. Until now! Perfect tool to assist your ball driller

It will also benefit your Coach on what you actual do on release of the ball.

What To Bring?

YOUR shoes is all you need to bring

How Does It Work?

  • You select the ball – Ball Weights from 8 lb – 15lb
  • Throw 10 warm up shots
  • We will insert the sensor into the special hole
  • Instruct you on how the next (upto) ten shots are bowled


  • We process the information
  • Fully explain what the information means to you and the ball driller & coach (if they are available )
  • A printed copy given on the day


Are required. Phone Lawrie (Animal) 0403352501 to book.

COST $25.00 pp