Good Morning Animals ProShop is open 5 days a week from 9am – 6pm and appointments outside those hours to assist if needed. This doesn’t mean that Animal goes home at 6pm… oh no!! he is there many hours after on most days and if he is bowling league (Wednesday & Thursday nights) he is still up for a chat. If there is no bowling tournament on a Saturday he will be at the ProShop till 12ish. Whats our goals this year – to continue assisting you bowlers with your needs! That may consist of New Gear / repair or maintenance of your current stock or layout advice. If you require something not in stock we can get it in for you. We deal with all the Australian Distributors first and should it not be available in Australia then we have the best contacts in America to help . Animals ProShop is continuing their support of Junior/Youth and Senior Bowling in 2016. Later in the year we again will be traveling around the other states doing Hammer Ball Demos.. these Demos are a great way to try some new gear before you buy .. we will advertise on popular social the dates these will commence (usually in July.) If you need any bowling gear and its not listed ..just contact us – 0403352501 or email : or on Facebook